Ibukun Nofiu

Lolo Cynthia Ihesie

A community developer at heart, Lolo targets her grassroots communities with her initiative – Adopt a community- a development program using a participatory approach creating sustainable solutions for the neglected, poor, downtrodden and marginalized. She carries out monthly sensitization programs with the community women and sex workers in brothels discussing women’s rights and reproductive health.


Lolo Cynthia


Personal Branding Identity



As a multimedia content creator, she collaborates with teams all around the world to produce award-winning expository talk shows, documentaries, and interviews investigating and creating safe spaces for untold stories. She is passionate about lending her unwavering voice and airing her opinion on thorny societal issues and grassroots community issues propagated by poverty, and patriarchy. She has garnered massive traction and received recognition both locally and internationally from platforms such as CNN, BBC, AIT, Kaakai Africa, Global Citizen, and the United Nations.

30 Seconds Pitch

I create sustainable solutions for women in the neglected, poor, downtrodden and marginalized in the community


* Community Developer  * Women Right Activist * Communication Consultant

Career Goals

Developing the global advocacy and communication strategy to galvanize action and ensure a cohesive approach to immunization in line with the framework of the Immunization Agenda 2030.