Ibukun Nofiu

Pishon & Brook

Pishon & Brook helps their clients enjoy greater performance, productivity & profitability, to be able to build a great and enduring business. I was approached to create a company profile that aligns with the company values and showcases what they are offering as a brand.

I deliberately veered away from the standard image photography to a more imaginative direction. The graphical illustrations were chosen to add character and playfulness to the details of the brand.

Roles and Responsibilities

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design and Illustration

Project Learnings

Don’t design things in isolation.

Always place components in the context of the screen to reveal more information about how they interact within the product and how the user understands the end result.

Consider implications.

It might take some more time to speculate on these implications, but doing so can indicate when more work needs to be done.

Peers are important.

I wouldn’t have been able to iterate so many times on this design without my friends telling me it could be better.