Ibukun Nofiu

My Fuud Product Design

MyFuud is an application that allows you to order food in your comfort zone by showing all the restaurant around you at a moment in time, it shows you where your order is and allows you make payment on the platform.

Improving the Food ordering and delivering experience through strategy and design


Project Type

Mobile App

Project Duration

Aug – Dec 2019

The Problem

How can we improve online food ordering and delivery experience?

Although we have all the technology at our disposal, the shopping experience has not much advanced with times.

A lot of people still face inconveniences in finding the right food, deciding which one to buy, getting discounts & food delivery taking time.

The Solution

I created storyboards of scenarios and sketched different interaction patterns for ordering and delivering food.

I analyzed the current structure of the interface of competitors. I gathered usage and engagement data from the current experience.


  1. Context study
  2. User pain points
  3. Competitive audit


  1. Feature narrative
  2. Design principles
  3. Journey map UX flow


  1. Stakeholder reviews
  2. Field testing
  3. Designer critiques
My Role

I worked on this project as a lead UI/UX designer and product manager.

Main areas of responsibility:

– Management (sprint planning and weekly reviews)

– UX analysis (flows and persona)

– Design (Mobile App and Branding)

– Lo-fi prototyping (basic flow and interactions)

– Front-end development (website)


We conducted semi-structured interviews with 10 regular shoppers to understand the problem space and their overall experience of ordering food online.

This helped us to explore different problems & go deep down into a few major issues that they currently face.

Project Learnings

Don’t design things in isolation.

Always place components in the context of the screen to reveal more information about how they interact within the product.

Consider implications.

It might take some more time to speculate on these implications, but doing so can indicate when more work needs to be done.

Peers are important.

I wouldn’t have been able to iterate so many times on this design without my friends telling me it could be better.