Ibukun Nofiu


The Fireside Co. Is a platform that provide resources to enable budding entrepreneurs and creatives, take their ideas from seed to scale.  We provide information relevant to their ventures via our interviews, podcasts, mentoring programs and events.

A platform that embody the definition of a fireside conversation.

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Identity Launched

App not Launched

The Brief

The Fireside Co. required a brand identity that clearly communicates its position as a reliable platform for budding entrepreneurs and creatives.

The Solution

The approach was to build a brand that conveys Fireside’s unique characteristics and values using modern design principles that makes the brand distinct and sets it apart from the competition.

Service Provided

  • Brand strategy workshop
  • Brand identity design
  • Digital brand application
  • Brand Guide
  • Responsive Web design
  • Mobile UI design

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy workshop helped us define Fireside’s story, brand attributes and market positioning. Using these insights ensured the creative brief were true to the company’s verbal and visual identity and focused on achieving their brand goals.


The logo mark was illustrated from a real fireside imagery with an outline creating a unique brand icon. 

Mobile UI Design

The Fireside Co. mobile UI design required a unique user experience and features that allows users navigate and ease in the use of the platform.

Website Design

All the brand deliverables come together to produce a playful, creative and approachable design aesthetic. The animations help convey complex processes and the clear visual hierarchy of information makes the content easy to digest.

My Role

I worked on this project as a lead designer and product manager.

Main areas of responsibility:

– Management (sprint planning and weekly reviews)

– UX analysis (flows and persona)

– Design (Mobile App and Branding)

– Lo-fi prototyping (basic flow and interactions)

– Front-end development (website)

Client Testimonial

“She was able to take complex messages and concepts, and simplify them in a clear and visually appealing way. We love the visual identity she created and how she communicated throughout the entire process.”