Ibukun Nofiu


Branddore use a highly strategic approach to brand building and design. They create brands that lead with purpose by birthing strategies and strong identities for businesses large and small, established and start-ups.

Branddore is an agency designed for millennials by millennials, to press pause on typical branding and allow businesses and people to fulfill their brand dream. Full of Insta-worthy moments and immersive environments, Branddore invites everyone to rediscover the bliss of carefree play and discovery for their brand. The visual identity of Branddore was designed to convey a sense of fun and playfulness, while also eliciting a sense of curiosity. The colour palette was carefully selected to work for both the branding and the physical installations themselves, for a cohesive story. From soft pastels to bright, saturated colours, these colours reflected the range of feelings the Agency evokes. The graphic elements in the shapes were meant to only hint at what awaits inside, without giving anything away. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Experience design / Creative direction / Visual identity / Copywriting / Art installation / Interior and exterior signage / Marketing collateral 

Project Type


Project Duration

Jan – March 2021

Project Learnings

Don’t design things in isolation.

Always place components in the context of the screen to reveal more information about how they interact within the product and how the user understands the end result.

Consider implications.

It might take some more time to speculate on these implications, but doing so can indicate when more work needs to be done.

Peers are important.

I wouldn’t have been able to iterate so many times on this design without my friends telling me it could be better.